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The Hiwer Winding Machine

The solution for efficient winding and unwinding of fleece fabric! Invest in the future of mobile agriculture with Hiwer – where convenience, versatility, and performance come together. Contact us today to get your Hiwer winding machine and optimize your agricultural activities!

Why Choose Hiwer?

Extremely Easy

Hiwer offers a winding experience where user-friendliness is paramount. With an intuitive control that feels effortless, winding and unwinding fleece fabric become a surprisingly simple experience. Choose Hiwer and discover the comfort of a winding machine designed with your convenience in mind.

Hydraulic Drive

Rely on the powerful hydraulic drive of the Hiwer machine for reliable performance. Experience the smooth operation and precision of the drive, resulting in a consistent distribution of the fleece fabric across the entire width of the roll. This ensures optimal protection for your agricultural crops.

Interchangeable Spool

With our innovative design, the Hiwer winding machine provides the versatility of an interchangeable spool. This allows you to switch smoothly and easily between different rolls of fleece fabric, maintaining the efficiency of your workflow and adapting to the specific needs of your crops.

Winding and Unwinding

Hiwer makes winding and unwinding fleece fabric easy and efficient. Save time and effort as our machine ensures a stable and sharp distribution of the fabric. Choose Hiwer - where user-friendliness, flexibility, and reliable performance come together for your optimal convenience.

Optimal Winding

Discover how effortlessly the fleece fabric is managed with the Hiwer winding machine. The hydraulic drive and interchangeable spool make fleece fabric management easy and efficient for unwinding. For winding, attach the fleece fabric to the interchangeable spool and wind simultaneously. The hydraulically driven arm neatly distributes the fabric across the width of the roll. Experience seamless and precise winding with the Hiwer winding machine.

Flawless Fleece Fabric Management

From efficient unwinding to smooth winding, the Hiwer winding machine emerges as your indispensable partner for fleece fabric management. Experience the boundless versatility and user-friendliness that this advanced technology offers, specially designed to optimize your operations. Step into the world of streamlined and trouble-free fleece fabric management with Hiwer, where efficiency goes hand in hand with reliability.